Glass from the heart of the Lake District

Glass blown and sculpted in a hot flame

Glass by Emma Mackintosh

Artisan glass

Unique and individual flameworked glass with character, using colour and texture to create a range of glassware that stands out from the crowd. 

Taking inspiration from the English Lake District, its nature and landscape, this glass ‘brings the outside in. Techniques developed in the studio allow natural plant textures to imprint the glass surface, matched by an organic colour palette which often shifts with the light.

Hand blown glass

Formed in the flame

Rods and tubes of glass, formed in the hot gas-fired flame of a small bench torch. Flamework is an intimate method of glassblowing which allows detail and character to come to the fore. 

Made in the Lake District

In a small studio near the village of Hawkshead, looking out on fields and trees, with a small beck and lots of moss and ferns.

Unique and individual

Each piece of flameworked glass is individually made. Bespoke designs and commissions are welcome. 

Take a drink


For every empty glass has a story to tell.

And one as yet unwritten.



‘Glass is more gentle, graceful and noble than any metal and its use is more delightful, polite and slightly than any other material at this day known to the world

Neri, Art of Glass, 1611


A unique way of adding  plant and other local textures (herdwick wool, straw..) to glass, creating a direct link with the world around us. 


Hills and valleys, water lines ‘drawn’ directly on to the glass in a hot flame to  create landscapes

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