It’s half term. The clocks have gone back, the weather has most definitely turned (if not towards winter, then at least more unsettled) and children are wandering the streets of Hawkshead in Halloween costumes. (They’re early, but heck, Halloween’s a big deal these days). The Lakes are looking beautiful as the leaves turn.

My own thoughts are looking beyond Halloween towards Christmas. I’ve been making baubles for a couple of months already but the pace is most certainly picking up. Robins and penguins, snowmen and snowflakes. Those Christmas craft fairs are just around the corner.

There is most definitely a need to compensate for the sheer quantity of baubles by making something more ‘serious’, something a little challenging. The early morning walks, full as they are of gently browning leaves and drooping plants, give inspiration but possibly false leads. Can decay really translate into glass?

Clear glass Christmas bauble with red dots