Further information and specifications for my glass chandeliers available here.

Commission a chandelier

Bespoke glass chandeliers


 Working with flameworked glass allows me to add colour, detail, texture and intimacy to classic chandelier and lighting styles  and produce something eye-catching, full of personality and completely unique.
My bespoke glass chandeliers and lighting installations are individually designed to order, working in consultation with the customer and taking into account the space they need to occupy.  Whether the commission is for a new design or to update/refresh an existing installation, the result is a totally individual, one-off, artisan-made item.


Handmade, individual, designed to order


Because each piece of my glass chandeliers is created for the chandelier it is part of, I have a huge amount of flexibility with design and can work with different colours and shapes. I also design the frames for the chandeliers, so that the finished lighting  is a true work of art and a stunning, one-off, eye-catching addition to the space it occupies.

Pricing and lead times


Prices vary depending on the design required and you are welcome to visit the studio to view examples of installations. Lead times vary but are usually 4 weeks from commission to completion.
To discuss or order a commission, or for more information on my glass chandeliers and lighting,  please contact me