hand blown white lily glass chandelier

General information for my glass chandeliers

This information relates to the hanging glass chandeliers with a central hole. For bespoke lighting designs, the specifications may vary.


My chandelier frames have a central hole for hanging and are designed to be fitted in the same way as a standard domestic chandelier. Each drop for one of my chandeliers typically weighs between 30 and 100 grams. As an example, the magnolia and blossom chandelier weighs approximately 2kg. You would need to ensure that your intended hanging place is able to support this weight and, if necessary, consult a qualified electrician before fitting.

To package and ship my chandeliers safely, they are sent with the frame and drops packaged individually. Each drop has a ring attached that simply hooks on to the top frame or to the drop above it. A plan of positioning for each drop will be supplied.

For local purchases (within Cumbria) and more complex constructions, it may be possible for me to deliver and construct personally.

You are welcome to visit my studio in Cumbria, view my chandeliers and discuss a commission. Commissions can also be discussed and arranged by email. Once ordered, chandeliers have a lead time of approx. 4 weeks depending on my workload at the time – a delivery date will be agreed at the time of order. A 25% deposit is required to secure the order, with the balance payable once the chandelier is completed.

While it is to be hoped that you will not need to replace any part of the chandelier, inevitably breakages do occasionally happen. Your chandelier will be shipped with up to 5 ‘spare parts’. For more serious damage, it may well be possible to effect repairs and you should contact me. It is very important not to attempt to glue pieces back together. I cannot repair glued items.