Hand blown glassware


For me, artisan blown glassware makes a drink special. These are glasses with style and character, inspired by the beautiful Lake District landscape and plants. Each one slightly different, their coloured and patterned stems make my hand blown glasses unique and one-off.

I also have a range of imprinted textured clear glassware, which is very tactile and versatile. These glasses are blown using a technique that I have developed which allows me to ‘imprint’ the glass with plant textures.

Made of borosilicate glass, you can use all of my glasses for hot or cold drinks.

My glasses are for sale online in my Etsy shop (click here), and in our shop (the middle shop, next to Stewardsons Country clothing) in Hawkshead, the Lake District. I also welcome commissions – every piece that I make is individual, so if you’d like a glass (or glasses) in a special colour or design, please contact me for more details and prices.


Glasses blown into a mould lined with local Lake District plants or leaves which leave their texture on the goblet.

Glasses blown and shaped by hand. With plain or decorated goblet tops and coloured stems.

Tumblers with sculpture and colour. Usually around 58mm wide, great for hot and cold drinks

One-off glasses, goblets and special sets