Emma Mackintosh glass


Glass direct from the flame



Lake District glass

My glass is both classic and contemporary, with purpose and a unique twist. It both reflects and is inspired by the colours and textured of the Lake District, where I live.

Flameworking is a traditional method of working with glass. Using a small, very hot gas fired torch, I melt, blow and manipulate rods and tubes of glass to create my work.

In contrast to the traditional image of glass blowing with a large, hot furnace, I use a small torch. This allows me to control more precisely and personally the aesthetics of the finished product. Using borosilicate glass, one of a kind pieces are created as the glass colour changes with the light, requiring special care when working to get the required results.

My own personal style and methods of working have been added to through learning from internationally renowned flameworkers from the US and Germany. I have demonstrated flameworking at events in the UK and overseas and exhibited in the UK.


“Flameworked glass from the heart of the Lakes”