Hand blown glass bottles with twisted leaf stoppers

Designed to look a bit like pods, these are quite addictive to make.

I start with clear glass tube, melting it in the flame and rolling it in layers of crushed glass to build up the colour. I have varied the colours used to give depth to the finished look, and added lines of glass to give a ‘pod’ effect. The base colours I have used are all fairly light in shade, with darker accents added towards the bottom of each piece. This means that the twisted glass leaf stoppers really finish these little bottles off, adding a contrast of colour and visual interest with the twist.

Standing about 16cm high with stopper, I love the effect of these hand blown glass bottles when they are grouped together.

As with all my work, these glass bottles are flameworked by hand using a gas-fired torch. They are individually worked and blown, meaning that each one is slightly different and unique. I don’t use a lathe or machines to form my work – just my hands to guide the glass.