Art glass chandelier – Daisies



This clear glass chandelier comes with coloured accents in the many little daisies and pale transparent purple lilies. Each daisy has hints of purple in the centre to tie the two flowers together in colour. Inspired by a trip to Budapest earlier this year. The weather was warm, the many parks had lawns covered with daisies and beds full of colourful flowers.

Each piece of this glass chandelier has been made using hand-mixed glass cane to add fine detail and achieve the colour I wanted, and all chandelier drops are finished with little leaves.

This glass chandelier hangs from a metal top designed by me. Each drop hooks on to the drop above, or the top, by means of a ring connector that is strong enough to hold the weight but easy to attach, combining the unique nature of the flameworked glass with practicality. The chandelier measures approximately 35cm across the top of the shade