A month or so ago, I took some textured glasses to Photography by Ward in Ambleside to be photographed. Dayve did a brilliant job with them and asked if he could come and spend a morning photographing me at work – so a week or so later., he did. It was very much a case of just working as if he wasn’t there but with a lot of clicking, the odd extra light and a couple of repeat actions where he wanted a particular effect. Apparently, photographing a flameworker can be tricky because there’s so much glass around, some of it moving, that the camera struggles to find a point to focus on. Not that you’d guess from the results – but that must be what comes from knowing your way so well around the camera!

I like the way Dayve captured not just the flameworking process and the textures in the glass but also the workspace, At one point, the camera was pointed down into my glass bin, and there are several pictures of dusty rods, burnt moulds and jugs of glass stringers (thin rods used for decoration). There’s even a shot of the shadow on the wall of the heat patterns coming off a glass tube,. It was a fun morning with a very creative photographer and the pictures that came out of it are, I think, wonderful.