Repurposed glass chandelier with red flowers


We have a chandelier at the entrance to our house that has, over the years, suffered a certain amount of damage from a combination of kids, balls and school bags (not to mention the odd arm flung upwards). As a result, it was looking a little the worse for wear – one shade missing completely, the remaining two mismatched – and we decided it was time for an upgrade. After all, if you can make glass chandeliers, then you should have some for yourself.

I replaced the tired shades with a new, open branch-like lattice structure that I flameworked to include holes for hanging drops. These fit neatly where the shades were, held firmly in place by the chandelier shade clips. Each structure has been decorated with fern-like leaves, smaller leaves in a similar colouring and blown tulip-like flowers in shades of red. Each flower has it’s own look and each is slightly different.

The result is a warm, almost tactile chandelier that looks completely individual but very much in keeping with the space it occupies. It is literally light-years away from it’s predecessor and a huge improvement. Now, we just need to hope the kids are old enough not to throw balls at it!