Flower plates and panels


Flameworked, fused glass

Exploring the use of flameworked decorative elements in fused glass, which allows the detail and some of the characteristics achievable with flamework to be.set into a larger framework. Each part of the decoration is flameworked using Bullseye glass before being added to the dish and fired in a kiln to form the finished piece. Glass enamels, powders and frit are added to give background colours.

Glass plates and bowls range in size from 20 to 30cm.

Bullseye glass is one of the types of glass sometimes called ‘soft’ glass. It has a lower melting temperature than my usual borosilicate glass, and a completely different character in the flame. It feels temperamental and flows very much quicker. I find it a good discipline because it keeps me on my toes, I like the different colour palette available (especially the purples and pinks) and the challenge. It does however also raise the expletive count in my studio considerably!