So, we’ve hit July and suddenly have something approaching warmth. The garden is clearly ecstatic and has gone into overdrive, the forest likewise. The past couple of days have seen panic elderflower picking, a quick extra pick of some late spruce tips (for a newly-discovered pine syrup recipe), the purchase of a pond liner and a fair amount of planting. The Lakes have gone in very quick order from late rhododendron/camellia flowers to an English summer garden and hedgerow flower display in all colours. It isn’t dry, so the backdrop to all of this is shades of a very lush green.

The heat has also brought the need to eat outside and drink Prosecco. Having been very firmly told by a friend that it wasn’t acceptable to have ‘production’ drinking glasses when you can make your own, the champagne flute/prosecco glass cupboard has now had a full overhaul and is brimming with a selection of lovely new handmade glasses with coloured stems. They look particularly good outsideĀ  – the light always brings out something special in borosilicate colours – and much nicer to drink from just because of their uniqueness.

handmade champagne flute glasses